A neat and warm home must be your expectation. The right choice of simple, creative and affordableALMING wall hooks definitely meets your requirements.

Our heavy duty viscous hooks are super waterproof and oil resistant, resistant to high and low temperatures and can meet your needs in the bathroom,
kitchen, bedroom, living room, cabinet, garage or any other space. No tools, easy to paste, unique transparent design makes the sticky wall hooks almost invisible,
perfect for your home storage. Widely used for smooth and hard surfaces such as tiles, wood, metal, glass, mirrors, plastics, etc.

Color: transparent / transparent invisible, clean and tidy
Material: PVC + high quality stainless steel
Size: 2.36″ x 2.36″
Maximum load: about 15 pounds
The package includes: 1 set of 10 hooks

how to use:
1. Wipe the wall with a clean cloth, make sure the surface is clean, dry, free of dust and oil, then dry first
2. Remove the protective film on the back of the hook.
3. Stick the hook to the wall and press firmly out of the middle to remove any air bubbles.

1. Not suitable for wallpaper, paint, painted walls and rough surfaces.
2. Do not hang overweight, expensive or fragile products.
3. Do not use in a high temperature environment.
4. It is recommended to leave 24 hours before hanging any items to ensure that the product is firm and firm.

Delete method:
Heat it with a blower and slowly remove it from the side without leaving any traces.

It can be reused after disassembly, cleaning and drying.

– – We will provide worry-free use.
– If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us!

Product Features

  • 1. High-quality wall hook – sturdy stainless steel + PVC, heat resistant and reusable, hooks for excellent water resistance, mildew and oil resistance. This is indeed a good assistant for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • 2. Easy to use – Easy to stick and not damage the wall, no need to nail and drill, just remove the cover and use it for easy relocation. (Please stand still for 12 hours and have better stability)
  • 3. Heavy Duty Hangers – Powerful adhesion and a wide base make these wall hooks more durable. Self-adhesive hooks can hold 22 pounds and can be rotated 180 degrees to help you save space, ideal for jackets, coats, etc.
  • 4. Transparent appearance – small and lightweight design, versatile. The beautiful four-leaf clover shape, uniquely transparent design makes it almost invisible and is widely used in your home, foyer, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, closet, office, dormitory. It is ideal for Christmas lights and Christmas garlands.
  • 5. Practical wall hooks – There are too many places in the house that need it for a variety of smooth surfaces such as tiles, marble, glass, stainless steel, wood, metal or plastic. Not suitable for wallpaper, paint, painted walls and rough surfaces.