Small Hook – Big Work
Can be used as – Clothes hook / Hat / Kitchen / Self-adhesive / Cargo / Keys / Curtain / etc
Heavy Duty – max bearing 22 lbs (10 kg) weight per adhesive hook
Material: Good Flexible PVC, Super Power Adhesive and High Quality Stainless Steel
Color: Transparent
Packing Type: 12pcs / set
Actually adhesive hook is very friendly to most wall surfaces, but painted wall, wallpaper wall and plaster wall are limited: use these hooks to hang ligh items on these walls is ok, but not recommend doing this; the adhesive is too powerful, those walls can’t withstand strong power. And not recommend removing hook on these walls.

Best to use DEWANG adhesive hook on the smooth and hard wall surface which without damaging surface and easy to remove to reuse.

Super strong can hold up to 10lb (Max) per hook on wall & ceiling, No nail needed

Can be easily attached to ceramic tiles, glass surfaces, wood, wall etc Not only an excellent solution for hanging your towels, bathrobes and sponges in the bathroom or pans, utensils and oven mitts in the kitchen. Also great to hang your coats in the hallway, tools in the garage, scissors in the office, etc.

Clear color makes your room, kitchen, bathroom neat, almost invisible which is quite suitable for nice home decoration

Reusable-can be used many times, only to clear it and get it to another place

ow to use the self adhesive waterproof wall hooks ?
1.Clean the surface from oil/dust/water. Do keep it dry before put the hook on.
2. Peel off the protective film, and do not touch the adhesive surface by hand.
3.Press the base of the hook to from middle to edge to keep it steady.
4.Test with your hand to see whether it is stable enough. It’s better to hang heavy things several hours later.

Product Features

  • Adhesive Hooks Up to 22lbs per sticky wall hook, no nail needed.Unique transparent design makes it almost invisible which is quite suitable for nice home decoration. Rearrange as often as you like. It will work best if hang up items until 24 hours after you posted
  • Adhesive Hooks Works on a variety of smooth surfaces – bathroom, kitchen wall and ceiling, easy to holds bags, coats, towels and anything.Damage-Free Hanging
  • Adhesive Hooks EASY TO USE – No tools required, Easy to clean and reposition without surface damage, Just peel off the cover starting from the bulge, then put the hook on smooth surface,Removes cleanly and Easy to apply and remove (Glass and tile)
  • Adhesive Hooks designer wall hooks with double power. NOT a sticky sticker, NO glue required. special collection of super powerful, heavy duty adhesive hooks, Quality stainless steel, waterproof, PVC Material.Super Oilproof, high temperature and low resistance. each hook holds up to 22lb / 10kg, unique gift. For repeated use please wash the hooks and then let them air dry.
  • Adhesive Hooks 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and LIFETIME WARRANTY – eliminate all risk so you can use DEWANG’s command hooks heavy duty with confidence! Your complete satisfaction is assured