Luxrite LED Panel Light Series

Enjoy an all encompassing light that replaces the out-dated ceiling fixtures which use 2FT fluorescent lights. Each 2X2 LED panel light exceeds the light output of fluorescent tubes and provides high lumen efficiency with only a fraction of the wattage used. Gain the ability to suit each room to your lighting needs with full capability to reduce from 100% to 10% light with a flick of a dimmer switch. Not only do our drop ceiling LED lights come UL listed for your safety but they are also DLC Listed. These ceiling light fixtures are on the qualified products list to benefit from state or nationwide rebate programs.


Instant Energy Savings

No longer worry about the cost of your electricity bill or how often you will need to buy new lights for your home or work space. Compared to a normal fluorescent light, you can instantly save your energy consumption with only 45W of power. Not only will you use less power but these LED 2×2 panel lights are more reliable and reduce your re-lamp frequency by having a 50,000 hour lifetime! That’s equivalent to 45.7 years when used for only 3 hrs/day. The standard 2 foot fluorescent tube only offers a 13,000 hour lifetime, which makes our panel LED lights more than 3x longer lasting!



  • Size: 2 x 23.7 x 23.7 Inches
  • Watts: 45W
  • Kelvin/Color: 5000K Bright White
  • CRI: 81+
  • Flood Angle: 120 Degrees
  • Voltage: 120
  • Lumens: 5150
  • Lifetime: 50,000 Hours (45.7 yrs, when used 3 hrs/day)
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • DLC Listed: Yes
  • UL Listed: Yes
  • Warranty: 5-Year Warranty

Product Features

  • INSTANT SAVINGS – Reduce your electricty usage with an LED panel light that only uses 40W of power, effectively cutting the cost of your monthly electricity bill! A flawless replacement to your standard 2FT fluorescent lighting fixtures.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY – Each 2 x 2 FT panel LED light fixture pushes the limits of standard light output in order to provide exceedingly optimal lighting with 4300 lumens, equivalent to 107 lm/W of high end efficiency. Take control of your lighting needs with the ability to reduce from 100% to 10% lighting output with a fully dimmable LED panel ceiling fixture.
  • VERSATILE INSTALLATION – A simple and convenient panel light LED which can be installed into your drop ceiling, utilized with a surface mounting kit, or hanging from the ceiling with ease. Ideal for homes, hospitals, schools, shops, supermarket, office, or any place requiring a highly efficient LED panel light fixture.
  • REBATE ELIGIBLE – Get a return on investment with our 2×2 troffer LED panel lights which are DLC Listed! These lighting fixtures are on the qualified products list to benefit from state or nationwide rebate programs.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – 40W, 5000K (Bright White), 4300 Lumens, 24×24 IN Flat Panel LED Light, Dimmable 0-10V, 120° Beam Angle, Direct Wiring, UL Listed, DLC Listed, 50,000 Hour Lifetime, 5-YEAR WARRANTY