Panels create large-scale 3-dimensional walls and ceilings, and suitable for residential and commercial projects: – Home theaters and entertainment rooms – Custom headboards – Accent walls – Seating areas Trim can be added to create the look of inlaid panels. The size of each panel is 23 5/8″ X 11 3/4″(60cm x 30cm). The 3D leather panels are a three-layer construction and all corners and seams are impeccably finished. The outer layer is made of waterproof polyurethane PVC faux leather. This material is widely used in furniture industry – it is durable and easy to clean. The filler layer of the leather panel is made up of polyurethane foam; which is the main reason the panels are soundproof. The polyurethane foam also helps with the panels being water resistant. The backboard is PVC board which is flat and smooth to aid in installation. Installation is simple and can be done by almost any homeowner. The recommended installation is to measure the area, then mark out the pattern on the wall. Glue the back of the panels using either a hot glue gun (or other construction adhesive like Tite Bond,Power grab, Liquid nails). Simply glue the back of the panel and place it against the wall, starting at the inside of the pattern you wish to create and working outwards. Hold the panel to the wall for a few moments until the glue hold and the panel is in place. Simply butt join the panels together – no patch work requited.

Product Features

  • Unique interior decoration element – our Faux Leather panels will give you freedom in decoration, and allow you to use your imagination to create a stylish design solution in interior decoration of restaurants, hotels, offices, shops, houses, cottages and apartments. The range of application is limited only by your imagination: bed headboards, bars, libraries, cabinets, accent walls, fireplace background, home theater – the list goes on forever.
  • Super easy to install – simply glue up the panels using either a hot glue gun (or other construction adhesive like Tite Bond,Power grab, Liquid nails). No touch up needed. Each panel is perfectly finished around the edges which means that no additional trim is necessary to complete the design.
  • Perfect for DIY headboard or accent wall. These panels are great for entertainment areas and home theaters that require soundproofing as well as impeccable decor. Decorate an entire room or create an accent wall in residential and commercial spaces alike.
  • Modern design – decorating walls with soft materials is a new fashion trend. A rich color palette and embossed panels with imitation of natural leather embossing, all kinds of details, such as mirror mosaic and rhinestones, will give nobility, elegance and refinement to your interior, regardless of which style you prefer. From baroque to high-tech, from classicism to art-deko.
  • The pack will cover ~10 sq.ft.