The supreme magic of REAL microfiber

Microfiber gives you superb cleaning power. It is made of fiber finer than a strand of silk. Because of this, it has the ability to clean & penetrate places that cotton simply can’t. In addition to this, microfiber traps & completely removes bacteria without chemicals as compared to cotton that only moves dirt around.

Save time & money!

When you use our Microfiber pads for your next mop, you’ll find that you don’t need to utilize as much water & cleaning solvent. In some cases, you won’t need to use cleaning solvents at all, as plain water will be enough to ensure good fast cleaning saving you time & energy.

Case study.

The UC Davis medical center did a study in hospitals using microfiber in comparison to loop mops. The program resulted in 5 huge benefits

  • 60% lifetime cost savings for mops
  • 95% reduction in chemical costs associated with mopping tasks
  • 20% labor savings per day
  • Virtually eliminate Cross-contamination during mopping
  • Drastically reduce chemical & water while cleaning more effectively.

If it’s good enough for hospitals then just imagine what it can do for you! We have put together the best selection of 100% microfiber pads giving you the best of all worlds arming you with a microfiber pad ready for any job that may arise! Because every job is different!

The sky is not the limit!

Got cobwebs on your ceiling? They stick to these like glue!

Box contents:

1x 15.5″ Ultra fine pad. Designed for hair, fur, web & dust attraction. This pad is only to be used dry.

1x 15.5″ Condensed weave pad. Maximises fibers per square inch for extreme water retention & superior bacteria removal properties. Wet & dry.

1x 15.5″ Frill edge pad. A combination of super dense fibers with a frill edge for attention on corners & skirting. Wet & dry

Product Features

  • ➤WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING WITHOUT COMPROMISING ON QUALITY? Enjoy faster cleaning and dusting with no streaks whatsoever. No more molting strands of wool left behind. No more cross contamination!
  • ➤DO YOUR PADS GRIP TOO MUCH? Our microfiber pads are designed to have just the right amount of grip allowing a smooth and effortless glide over your floor while cleaning and removing bacteria.
  • ➤MORE THAN ONE JOB AT HAND? No stress! Whether you need to do a quick dust or a deep wet clean we’ve got you covered with 3 different advanced uniquely structured purpose built microfiber pads, because every job is different!
  • ➤WOULD YOU LIKE TO USE LESS OR NO CHEMICALS? You on the right track! Microfiber is truly a wondrous creation and especially ours with 3 different types scientifically proven to remove bacteria without chemicals. Theres no wonder why hospitals swear by and cherish this wonder rug due to its impeccable bacteria removal & water retention properties.
  • ★When you order today you are protected by a no questions asked money back Guarantee and world class customer service★