Widely used on smooth wood, glass, frosted glass, glass grid, ceramic tiles, metal surfaces, non-paint walls and other kind of hard flat surfaces.

Instructions on Use:

1. Clean the surface from oil/dust/water. Do keep it dry before put the hook on.
2. Peel off the protective film, and do not touch the adhesive surface by hand.
3. Press the base of the hook to from middle to edge to keep it steady.
4. Test with your hand to see whether it is stable enough. It’s better to hang heavy things several hours later.

Instructions on Removing:

1.If dropped by improper use, it can paste again if no deformation.
2.It can peel off when necessary, just start removing it from the edges slowly. No traces and damages will be left.
3.Wash the adhesive surface by water if it is dirty (but do not touch it by hand), then use again when it’s dry.

Warm Tips:

1.Do not stick on the surface with water, dust, oil, or wax.
2.Do not hang valuable and fragile items.
3.Do not use near high temperature.
4.It may damage the wall if the paint wall adhesion is poor.

Product Features

  • EASY AND DURABLE TO USE – Just clean the surface, peel off the cover, and put the hook on. Waiting for a few hours will make it more stable and reliable
  • TRANSPARANT INVISIBLE DESIGN – The clear base makes it almost invisible to fit most home decoration. The hook can rotate 180 degree, which makes it even hangable on ceilings.
  • AMAZING HEAVY DUTY – 7cm*7cm size, Up to 22 lb / 10kg on most flat surface(painted walls are not recommended), even heavier on caremic tiles
  • SEAMLESS AND REUSABLE – It will leave no trace and damages to the wall or ceiling surfaces when repositoning it. If it’s dirty, just wash it and dry it naturally or with a hair dryer before reusing it.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – Can work on most flat and stable surface, especially great for hanging shower or bath accessories in a bathroom or kitchen utensils and tools on a tile backsplash