The Victorian Fleur-de-lis Tin Panel is a beautiful 12″ round repeating pattern with arcing diamonds that produces elegant tiled floral coins when installed. You’ll love the finished look as will your family, friends and guests alike. Take on a simple and easy DIY project that instantly transforms the look and feel of your room with dramatic effect. Our quality crafted, American made tin ceiling panels are a favorite amongst designers, architects and homeowners alike for their quality, beauty, ease of installation and longevity. Ideal for use in all rooms and ceilings, this pattern is the most popular design in the industry due to its distinctive Victorian charm and transitional versatility. This pattern is great to work with as it is visually forgiving with its repeated pattern within each tile. Even if you cut the panel in half, it still looks great! Ceiling projects work best on a wood substrate using construction adhesive and nails for installation. For walls and custom projects, panels can be installed using a construction adhesive like Liquid Nails or Loctite. With such an easy installation, you’ll be able to completely transform your space or create a stand-out showpiece in just a matter of hours. Note Unfinished Panels are not treated. You can seal them with a polyurethane clear coating if you’d like to maintain the look of the metal, or you can prime them with an oil based primer and paint in your preferred color. We highly recommend that you treat unfinished panels prior to installation to avoid rust. All colors except unfinished are baked on finishes that come delivered to you ready to install! They are rust resistant and have a lifetime guarantee finish.

Product Features

  • Single Panel: 24.5″ x 24.5″ (4 sq. ft.) made of authentic tin plated recycled steel (.010″ thick)
  • Color/Finish: Brushed Satin Nickel- premium powder-coated enamel
  • Heat resistant (Class A fire rated), Rust resistant – cleans with mild soap and water
  • Depending on your project, nail up or construction adhesive installations
  • Great for restoration or DIY projects – Ceilings, walls, wainscoting & so much more